Dapr Sidecar Extension

Learn how to add a Dapr sidecar with a Dapr extension


The daprSidecar extensions adds and configures a Dapr sidecar to your application.

Extension format

In this example a container adds a Dapr extension to add a Dapr sidecar:

resource frontend 'Applications.Core/containers@2023-10-01-preview' = {
  name: 'frontend'
  properties: {
    application: app.id
    container: {...}
    extensions: [
        kind: 'daprSidecar'
        appId: 'frontend'
        appPort: 3000


Property Required Description Example
kind y The kind of extension. dapr
appId n The appId of the Dapr sidecar. backend
appPort n The port your service exposes to Dapr 3500
config n The configuration to use for the Dapr sidecar