Radius Community

Information about the Radius community

Welcome to the Radius community!


The best way to interact with the community is via the Radius Discord server:

Radius Discord

Community meetings

Every month we host a community meeting to showcase new features, review upcoming milestones, and engage in a Q&A. Anyone from the Radius community can participate, present a topic, or host. All are welcome! For the meeting schedule, links, and more information, visit the Radius community repo.

How can I get involved?

One of the easiest ways to contribute is to participate in discussions at community engagements or via the Discord server referenced above. We are always seeking feedback, especially for suggestions around improving the product and docs.

If you are interested in contributing to the Radius project, please visit the Contributing to Radius page for more information.

Press and media coverage

Visit the press and media coverage docs for a list of press articles, blog posts, presentations, and other coverage of Radius.