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Blog posts

Blog Title Source Date
The Microsoft Azure Incubations Team launches Radius, a new open application platform for the cloud Microsoft Azure Blog Oct 18, 2023
Enabling developer collaboration with Radius Microsoft Open Source Blog Oct 18, 2023

Ongoing blog posts can be found at Radius Blog.


Video Event Date
Brendan Burns and Mark Russinovich at Ignite about Radius Microsoft Ignite Nov 17, 2023
Introducing Radius - Open at Microsoft Open at Microsoft Nov 7, 2023
Mark Russinovich at the Linux Foundation Member Summit Linux Foundation Member Summit Oct 24, 2023

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Press articles

Article Title Media Source Date
On Microsoft’s Radius, and building bridges between infra, dev and ops GigaOm Jan 5, 2024
Microsoft Azure’s Cloud-Native Advances: Innovations and Future Outlook Newstrail Nov 23, 2023
Microsoft Azure introduces Radius, an open-source development platform for multi-cloud computing ZDNET Oct 27, 2023
Microsoft’s Radius and the future of cloud-native development InfoWorld Oct 26, 2023
Microsoft reimagines Modern Application Deployment With Radius Platform Forbes Oct 23, 2023
Microsoft launches Radius, an open-source application platform for the cloud-native era TechCrunch Oct 18, 2023