Overview: Contributing to Radius

Guides and requirements for contributing to Radius

We welcome contributions to Radius! Contributions can come in different ways such as engaging with the community, contributing code, or improving the documentation. This page provides an overview of the different ways you can contribute to Radius.


Check out the Radius Community page to learn about the different ways you can engage with the Radius community.


If you would like to file Issues, access the source code, or use Codespaces please visit the Radius GitHub repo.


To quickly get started with contributing to code on Radius, here are some identified good-first-issues that you can /assign to yourself and start contributing.


Contributing to Radius

Check out the following table to learn where and how you can contribute:

Repository Description Contribution guides
Radius Main repository that contains source code for rad CLI, control plane and other components of Radius radius-project/radius
Docs Documentation for Radius radius-project/docs
Recipes Commonly used Recipe templates for Radius Environments radius-project/recipes
Dashboard The frontend experience for Radius radius-project/dashboard
Bicep Temporary fork of the Bicep repo used to inject the Radius types into the Bicep language. Contains both the Bicep CLI and the Bicep VS Code extension. radius-project/bicep