How-To: Install Radius on Kubernetes

Learn how to setup Radius on supported Kubernetes clusters

Radius handles the deployment and management of environments, applications, and other resources with components that are installed into the Kubernetes cluster.


Install with the rad CLI

Use the rad install kubernetes command to install Radius into the radius-system namespace on your Kubernetes cluster. You can optionally use the --set flag to customize the installation with Helm configuration options:

# Install Radius
rad install kubernetes

# Install Radius with tracing and public endpoint override
rad install kubernetes --set global.zipkin.url=http://jaeger-collector.radius-monitoring.svc.cluster.local:9411/api/v2/spans,rp.publicEndpointOverride=localhost:8081

Use your own root certificate authority certificate

Many enterprises leverage intermediate root certificate authorities (CAs) to enhance security and control over outgoing traffic originating from their employees’ machines, particularly when using a firewall or proxy solution. For example, some enterprises may choose to issue CAs per org and control the traffic per org. In this setup, when Radius attempts to connect to an external endpoint, such as Azure or AWS, traffic is blocked by the firewall. You may optionally use--set-file when installing Radius to inject your root CA certificates into Radius:

rad install kubernetes --set-file global.rootCA.cert=/etc/ssl/your-root-ca.crt

Install with Helm

  1. Begin by adding the Radius Helm repository:

    helm repo add radius
    helm repo update
  2. Get all available versions:

    helm search repo radius --versions
  3. Install the specified chart:

    helm upgrade radius radius/radius --install --create-namespace --namespace radius-system --version 0.26.0 --wait --timeout 15m0s

Helm configuration options

Name Default Description
global.zipkin.url Zipkin collector URL. If not specified, tracing is disabled.
global.prometheus.enabled true Enables Prometheus metrics. Defaults to true
global.prometheus.path "/metrics" Metrics endpoint
global.prometheus.port 9090 Metrics port
global.rootCA.cert Root CA certificate which will be injected to Radius containers. Use --set-file global.rootCA.cert=[cert file]
rp.image //TODO Location of the Radius resource provider (RP) image
rp.tag latest Tag of the Radius resource provider (RP) image
rp.publicEndpointOverride "" Public endpoint of the Kubernetes cluster. Overrides the default behavior of automatically detecting the public endpoint.
de.image Location of the Bicep deployment engine (DE) image
de.tag latest Tag of the Bicep deployment engine (DE) image
ucp.image Location of universal control plane (UCP) image
ucp.tag latest Tag of the universal control plane (UCP) image